ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™)Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP®)
iHP™ uses a low percentage hydrogen peroxide (7.8%) solution.VHP® requires a highly (30%-59%) concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution.
Intensive preparation is not required and if exposed, there are no harmful effects to the health of personnel, as long as eyes and mucus membranes are protected.Concentrated hydrogen peroxide causes irreversible eye damage on exposure.
iHP™ does not require PPM level monitoring for efficacy of disinfection.VHP® requires the space to reach a very high level of 800 PPM for efficacy of disinfection.
iHP™ is an aerosolized fog that spreads like a gas and does not need any extensive process prior to treatment.VHP® is very difficult to maintain as a vapor unless certain operating temperatures and conditions are met.
iHP™ functions at all normal ambient conditions.VHP® must be operated under “dry” conditions; it is very difficult to maintain in the “vapor” phase at relative humidity greater than 30% and the presence of condensing moisture renders VHP® ineffective upon surfaces.
iHP™ is scalable and can decontaminate large spaces.These engineering requirements limit the utility of VHP® to enclosed environments as it is not suitable for large or open area decontamination.
iHP™ decontaminates on contact, with demonstrated 6-log efficacy or greater in seconds.VHP® requires a minimum of 30 minutes exposure under optimized conditions to decontaminate surfaces.
iHP™ has proven suitable for treatment of HVAC systems as demonstrated in the DARPA grant.VHP® is not suitable for treatment of HVAC systems because it corrodes the ducts and has inconsistent activity in the presence of metals.
iHP™is a powerful radical and only requires seconds to decontaminate.VHP® is a strong, non-specific, oxidant that decomposes very slowly and is predicated upon it remaining active for long periods of time.
iHP™ is safe for use around all metals and hundreds of other materials including all materials used to fabricate laboratory and hospital products.VHP® is not compatible with iron and other ferrous metals because of its reactivity and its long exposure time.
iHP™ does not damage walls or laboratory furniture.VHP® is known to emanate gas for up to 72 hours and has blistered painted walls and pitted stainless steel.
iHP™ can be shipped by all air carriers around the world.VHP® cannot be shipped by air.
iHP™ can be stored on the shelf, no restrictions.VHP® must be stored in a special explosive cabinet, and modified VHP® has additional handling restrictions and toxic hazards associated with its use.
iHP™ BIT™ solution is EPA registered and can be easily disposed of.VHP® must be disposed of as hazardous material.