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Our experienced teams consists of experts in the field of sterility maintenance.

Once a cleanroom is in use, routine cleaning needs to be conducted as part of general facility maintenance.

We work closely with your Environmental Monitoring staff to trouble shoot and to ensure desired results for your facility.

Whether routinely decontaminating your facility or addressing emergency decontamination needs, the Vibraclean cleanroom service team can be called upon to deliver a 6-log reduction with efficiency and confidence.

Regular cleaning controls particulates and bacteria generated from room operation.

Vacuuming with HEPA-filtered vacuums or ducted systems will remove gross particulates.

Damp-wiping with the correct cleanroom wipers and mops removes particulates down to the micron level. In sterile cleanrooms, applying the appropriate disinfectant or biocide will reduce bioburden to acceptable levels.

In addition to using all the correct equipment and cleaning agents, site cleanliness relies on the calibre, training and procedures of the cleaning team.

Together, Vibraclean and the customer review the cleaning regimen (daily, weekly and monthly) as well as documentation and validation requirements. Vibraclean provides a cleanroom-trained team of primary cleaners and has a second trained team who all undergo further on-site training covering your SOPs.

Vibraclean understands the importance of change control and will not substitute cleaning and disinfecting agents or change SOPs. Any SOP change you change automatically results in the Vibraclean staff assigned to your site being retrained. Routine cleanroom cleaning targets all surfaces that could be contaminated from production or research work to remove impurities and disinfect where required.

Cleanroom Routine Cleans

Regular cleans are carried out at a regular interval whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc., and can be carried out within your own time parameters or those established after consultation as being appropriate for your needs.

Regular cleans are designed to help maintain an already stable and fully functional facility. Regular clean is carried out in accordance with your own cleaning regime and methods and is designed to help maintain good practice within a cleanroom.

Cleaning can be carried out in accordance with your own gowning and transfer methodology and all our staff are highly trained to provide the best quality clean of your facility.


Cleanroom Routine Cleaning and Maintenance at Work.

Decontamination Cleans

Decontamination clean can be applied during or after any cleanroom construction or renovation project, following a major spill or within any environment that requires in-depth and sustained attention; especially for soil removal and particulate build up.

It also applies to post-shutdown cleaning and any decontamination after planned and/or emergency maintenance, and is especially useful prior to inspection, audit or validation.

The Decontamination Clean is specifically designed to remove heavy bioburden and large amounts of particulate, and to rapidly increase the performance and cleanliness of the controlled environment.

Decontamination Fogging

iHP Fogging is a patented two-step process that activates and ionizes a 7.8% Hydrogen Peroxide sole active ingredient based solution into a fine mist/fog known as ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™).


  • Application time: taking only 5 seconds per square foot to apply.
  • Contact time to disinfect: 7-minute.
  • Does not damage equipment so rooms do not need to be emptied. Even highly technical equipment can be left out.
  • Does not leave any toxic residue. There is no need to wipe or rinse surfaces.

Additional Cleanroom Services

  • Aseptic cleaning
  • High-tech cleaning Parts cleaning
  • Super-cleans and shutdown cleans
  • ESD floor careProtocol and SOP development