Nilfisk White Line Vacuums for Pharma & OEM

Nilfisk introduces the white line – industrial vacuums for the pharmaceutical and OEM markets. With industry-leading application knowledge, Nilfisk tailored the white line to meet manufacturer’s requests: innovative safety solutions, easy-to-clean design and new special features. Sleek design, ease-of-use, quiet operation and reliability make the white line the most popular where hygiene is essential.

The VHW211 fixed vertical vacuum is a member of the White Line product family.

This GMP-compliant product line was specifically designed to meet pharma manufacturers’ hygiene and reliability requirements.

The VHW211 can be integrated with processing machines where a small footprint and high performances are needed.

The GM80 CR is our most popular cleanroom vacuum, in pharma and beyond. It’s a lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use in cleanrooms and other critical environments.

Its four-stage filtration system, which culminates in a ULPA exhaust filter, is capable of capturing and retaining even the smallest toxic particles.

This vacuum cleaner is compatible with ISO 4 (Class 10) standards.

If you’re responsible for the safety of the products and personnel in a cleanroom, this is a perfect solution for you.

HS110 CR: Beyond the hygiene, everyday.For wet & dry applications and autoclavable, the ideal choice for cleanrooms!

Model VHS110 CR is a singlephase wet and dry industrial vacuum specifically designed for cleanrooms. Here the main benefits it provides:Wet & Dry: ideal to recover even the most corrosive substances and detergents thanks to the stainless steel rounded container that is fully autoclavable. Contamination control thanks to excellent levels of filtration of the process and of the cooling air (up to ULPA 15).Hygiene: VHS110 CR is GMP conform and has a smooth design, it is completely built in AISI304 stainless steel (or AISI316L as optional), and features an innovative design to disconnect very fast the filter chamber from the frame, ensuring the operator to clean and to perform the maintenance operations very easily. The container (wheels included) and filter chamber are completely autoclavable, for top sanitization. Safety: different disposal systems are available as optional, according to the needs: you can as well choose the plastic bag system or the safe bag system, if the material to collect is toxic.

GM80 CR,Nilfisk White Line Vacuums For Pharma & OEM

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