Post-Construction Cleanroom Cleaning

New critical environments require thorough post-construction decontamination. Prior to a builder handing over a cleanroom or laboratory to a customer, a comprehensive and professional post-construction clean is needed to remove all visible contamination left behind from the fit-out. This stage of cleaning focuses on removing gross particulate contamination and is a non-sterile cleaning procedure. Failing to remove particles and residue generated during construction makes subsequent pre-validation cleaning and disinfecting more difficult.

We inspect the facility and consult with the customer to develop a cleaning Scope of Works.

Post-construction cleanroom cleaning targets ceilings, walls, floors and fittings to remove all visible contaminants which remain after the building process. Vibraclean system uses specialized equipment and proven techniques to remove gross contamination, followed by a wet-wipe down to eliminate builders’ marks, adhesive residue and fine dust.

Post-Construction Cleaning, GDP

Not only do Vibraclean cleaners meet the standards outlined in the Scope of Works, they complete their work in the agreed timeframe to avoid project delays.

All Vibraclean cleaners arrive outfitted with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

After post-construction cleaning, the room is ready is for pre-validation cleaning to further reduce particle and residue levels to within desired operating parameters and to disinfect the room, if required.

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